Our Community is the heart of our company and we want to keep it healthy

At Trex we are always striving to help our communities in as many ways possible. We give back in more ways than one. We have adopted highways, participated in toy drives, given away countless prizes including gaming systems, TV's, cars and even a motorcycle. We do this so our communities know that we welcome them just as much as they welcome us, and in part, it allows us to grow the community as a whole rather than see it grow from the outside.

A community is what keeps a company moving forward, the communities commitment to us is just as important as our commitment to them, which makes for a fair trade off. We love seeing the changes that are made when a community can come together and make it their own and we feel incredibly priviledged to be a part of that.

If you are insterested in taking part in any of our give back opportunities, stop in at your local Trex Mart and ask how you can help. Together we can build a better community and keep moving forward.

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