Smart Rewards

Why should I Join?

  • Never have to prepay before pumping again!
  • Redeem your points to save on fuel purchases!
  • Earn points on all qualified purchases!
  • Points will never expire!
  • Random Drawings!
  • Seasonal Promotions!
  • Members Only Specials!
  • Monthly Specials!
  • And Much More!

How do I earn points?

1 point per gallon of fuel purchased, 1 point per dollar spent inside the store

*No points will be awarded on fuel when you receive a discount.

50 points = 2 Cents per Gallon

100 points = 4 Cents per Gallon

250 points = 10 Cents per Gallon

500 points =-20 Cents per Gallon

1000 points = 40 Cents per Gallon

1250 points = 50 Cents per Gallon

*Based on 25 Gallon Purchase

Questions & Answers

Q: "Where can I sign up?"
A: You can sign up at any of our locations.

Q: "Can I use my Trex Smart Rewards card immediately?"
A: Yes, you may use your new Smart Rewards card immediately at the time of issue.

Q: "Can I write a check in store without owning a Smart Card?"
A: Unfortunately, no. You must own a Smart Card in order to write a personal/business check in a Trex Store.

Q: "How do I earn points?"
A: As a Trex Smart Rewards member you will earn points on all sales inside the store, except for a few non-qualifying items, such as Lottery and Lotto. You will also earn points on non-discounted fuel purchases.

Q: "How do I redeem points?"
A: The points you earn will go towards your fuel discounts. When you accumulate enough points the fuel dispenser will ask you if you would like to use your points to save on your fuel purchases. You may also redeem your points as cash in store!

Q: "Is there a limit to the amount of rewards I can use in one transaction?"
A: The maximum that you can receive for a fuel discount is $0.50 off per gallon, up to 25 gallons. This applies to all types of fuel.

Q: "What do I do if the pump can’t read my Smart Rewards card?"
A: You will need to notify the Sales Associate inside.

Q: "How do I get a replacement Smart Rewards card if mine is lost or stolen?"
A: If your card is lost or stolen you need to call our toll free number 1-866-428-5427 to report your card lost or stolen. If your card does not work notify the Sales Associate inside to receive a new card.

Q: "How do I recover my rewards if my card was lost or stolen?"
A: After calling 1-866-428-5427 and notifying us of your lost card, we will determine how many rewards will be transferred to your new card.

Q: "Does my Smart Rewards card ever expire?"
A: No, your Smart Rewards card will not expire.

Q: "What do I do if I do not agree with my rewards total?"
A: Call 1-866-428-5427 to notify us of your problem so that it may be resolved.

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